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Microsoft Expression Web 4 kostenlos!

EW4_screenSeit dem 20. Dezember ist die Web-Entwicklungsumgebung Microsoft Expression Web 4 kostenlos erhältlich! 🙂

Microsoft Expression Web ist der Nachfolger von Microsoft Frontpage . Expression Web wurde komplett neu programmiert. Expression Web 4 wurde im Sommer 2010 released, inzwischen sind Service Pack 1 (SP1) und SP2 herausgekommen. Seit SP1 wird HTML5 und CSS3 unterstützt.

Download der kostenlosen Versionen:

Microsoft selbst erklärt die Änderungen in seiner Expression-Produktpalette wie folgt:

Microsoft Expression Changes

The proliferation of rich interactive web applications across the cloud and mobile devices continues to create new opportunities for creative design and development. As these technologies evolve, Microsoft is committed to providing best-in-class tools for building modern applications. In support of these industry trends Microsoft is consolidating our lead design and development offerings — Expression and Visual Studio — to offer all of our customers a unified solution that brings together the best of Web and modern development patterns.

Blend will continue to ship as a standalone tool with Visual Studio 2012, as part of a consolidated designer/developer offering. Blend for Visual Studio 2012 provides a rich design-centric environment for building Windows Store apps and Windows Phone apps. In addition to that, WPF, Silverlight and SketchFlow support is available today as a preview and will be released in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2.

Expression Studio 4 Ultimate and Expression Studio 4 Web Professional are no longer available for sale. For customers who previously purchased these products, all components within Ultimate and Web Professional will be supported through their support lifecycle.

Expression Design 4 and Expression Web 4 are now available for download at no charge. Technical support will not be available for these free versions.

Expression Encoder 4 Pro will be available for purchase through 2013. Expression Encoder 4 remains available for download at no charge.

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